How to get quick help?

All Cytron UK customers have been registered on our strategic remote desktop management tool that we use for patching and remote support. If you are a new customer or need help with something on your own device, please follow the instructions below to get Cytron IT help.

  1. Put the above link on your web browser or click here.
  2. Then follow the link to download and run the SOS app. No installation is needed.
  3. Call our 24×7 support number: +44 (0) 20 8133 7116
  4. Provide the 9-digit session code from the SOS application window to the Cytron Agent.

Please note—Cytron IT engineers will never ask for your credentials or payment details. We use this method to support clients who are not on our system but need urgent help. Cytron may refuse to support users who are not known to the company. We can only support business-related requests.