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What we do?


Software Consultancy

We have software development consultants who can advise you on your next big project. Initial consultancy is free.

Software Development

We help with the software development consultancy and build the software for you. We are specialised in .NET & PHP

Apps development

We have a dedicated and smart team of apps developers who can help your business to have the best app

Cloud Consultancy

The world you work in is constantly changing. Business demands, and what technology can do, never stands still. How do you identify what’s right for your business? What is the answer, not just for now, but for this ever-evolving future? We all face these challenges. At Cytron we help you find better answers through our drive to think without limitations.


We audit your application architecture and software delivery processes to provide a holistic, well-documented view of your current state.Learning about your systems and strategic goals in detail gives our expert consultants a unique perspective, enabling them to tailor solutions to your specific needs

Software Maintenance

We help maintain a software or web site developed by another company. Please contact us today for any maintenance help: